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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finally, Patwari (VDO) Results Announced By MP Online

MP Online is the joint venture of mp government and TCS ltd. They conducting and managing all activities regarding MP Patwari recruitment 2012 in Madhya Pradesh first time this exam have been held through online procedure.this time it seems to been quite successful.

Applicant can see their result on mponline link or district collector office notice board or RI office

Next couple of days merit list will announce based on percentage of applicants marks obtain in Patwari test 2012 and marks scored in 10+2 standard, if someone comes in waiting list it will be valid up to 3 years.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Potential to Cultivate Business At Malanpur Industrial Area

Malanpur is the fast developing industrial area in order to pumping out your business from rest of the hurdle gives it high branding and eco-friendly well furnished Business environment
Malanpur Industrial Area

Gwalior industries have earned the status of a counter magnet in NCR in India. Gwalior is one of the vibrant industrial bases that are known for its strategic location. The industries at Gwalior are emerging as industrial estates that are managed by independent industrial development corporations (AKVN). The independent industrial development Body is working towards developing the industries of Gwalior. In fact, any development that is conceived for strengthening the counter magnet role of Gwalior would lead to the industrial development of Gwalior as a potential sector.

Moreover, the potential for the industrial development of Gwalior lies in the establishment of integrated industrial estates. The industrial estates in Gwalior are replete with the common facilities that are required by the industries of Gwalior. It is noteworthy in this context that the existing industrial areas are responsible for the proliferation of the industries in Gwalior. According to AKVN, 1995, about 65% of the total industrial areas (33222 acres of land) in Malanpur Ghirongi Industrial Areas is to be allotted for the expansion of the industries in Gwalior. Statistics also prove that about 142 industrial units would be needed by 2010. and 54 industries are scheduled for neat upcoming 2 years

The industries at Gwalior include the textile mills and the artificial silk manufacturing plants. The handicraft and hand loom industry also form an important part of the industries in Gwalior. Morar is said to be the center of local trade. It is also known to house the tanning industry in Gwalior.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Improving the industrial infrastructure in Morena MP

Improving and improvising the new era of industries infrastructure in Morena Madhya Pradesh
JK Tyres Industries Office view

Banmore is the top most favorite location for industrialists in Madhya Pradesh and is situated very near to Gwalior and Morena just 18 kilometers away from each. It is located between Morena and Gwalior on the Agra-Mumbai national highway.

One of the India’s best edible oil producing company which is comprising with more than dozen of its brand namely like as K.S gold, Bhasker, Double sher,Kailsh and gagan. It is path of success Indian agriculture and economy, because Morena is well known for its mustard production in India.
Morena Theme Park

Recently Morena gains world class infrastructure which purely dedicated for business opportunities the head quarter is well connected by rail, buses and air traffic the nearest airport is Gwalior just an half hour far away from Morena. Number of luxuries trains are stopping here one of them is Satabaddi Express,Taj Express and intercity express and many more which is tells the story of success

Number of 9 gems and eminent companies are situated and operating their operation in Banmore such as JK Tyres Industries, Punj Lyoid are some of them.cureently 70 small scale industries kept on operational in industrial developing estate Banmore. 25 small scale companies operating elsewhere in Morena and 2 major exports units

1. J.K.Industries Ltd. Industrial area Banmore(tyres and tubes)
2. K.S. Oils Ltd. Industrial area Morena (edible oils)
And many other key features are as...

J.K.Industries Ltd. Industrial area Banmore spans in 300 acres land.
Facilities like street-lighting, shopping complex, and hotels shelter
Telecommunications links with Gwalior have also been created.
Estate Features:
• Only 18 kilometers from Gwalior on the Agra-Mumbai National Highway.
• 4 large and medium scale projects
• 82 small scale projects
• Aggregate investment of over Rs.300 corers
• Available Area 289 hectares
• 239 hedares for industrial projects
• 189 hectares already allotted
• Water availability of 15 lakh liters per day.
• Street Lighting
• Shopping complexes
• Four Lane national high way(A-B Road)
Clean Morena and green Morena

Monday, December 27, 2010

Porsa, the leading the way of success in Morena(MP)

Porsa is located at 26°40′N 78°22′E / 26.67°N 78.37°E / 26.67; 78.37 It has an average elevation of 154 metres (505 feet).This beautiful small dense town is situated at the center of Morena, Gorami and Ater. There are few main places in Porsa, "Bargad Chauraha" and "Ater Rorad Tiraha", these points are the main business centers there. There are two bus stands in Porsa, first at Ambah Road, where one can find buses for Ambah, Morena, and gwalior, while other bus stand is located opposite to the first one and provides frequent bus services to Gorami, Menhgaon, Bhind, Gwalior,Ater and Itawah (U.P.).

Porsa is famous for "Nagaji Maharaj Temple". A big pond is also there just behind to Temple. There are many stories in fashion about the Nagaji Maharaj, who was the follower of "Naga Lineage". these stories tells about his kindness, courage, and supreme divinity. On each Poornima (FullMoon) many people visit this holy shrine and put themselves in the blissful feet of Nagaji Maharaj. This temple joins every person of Porsa irrespective of their castes, religions, and economic conditions.

This fair (Mela) is the way of remembering and paying respect to Nagaji Maharaj, who lived there during the period of Mughal Emperor Akbar, nearly 400 years ago. Local residents from nearby villages gathers there in every winter (November-December) and arrange marriages for as long as a month. Earlier monkeys were sold at this fair, but now domestic animals top the charts. Usually on Monday people assemble on bypass road and Ater Road at the out skirt area of Porsa, to sell and buy their domestic animals like cow, buffaloes, sheep and goats.

Porsa is consolidating day by day for containing all castes and religions faith itself.Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian all communities have their own faith. The “Purani Basti” is the Muslim dominant colonoy.mostly Muslims inhabited area. There are two Mosques in basti namely Jama masjid(big) and Markaz Madina Masjid Khera(small).jama Mosque is very beautiful  is newly constructed four big MInars(Dome) are the point of attraction

Main Markets in Porsa

Khanda Road (Sadar Bazar)
This is the main business street in Porsa. It starts from Bargad Chauraha and ends up at newly constructed municipal office (Nagar Palika). Every types of shops are available there from general groceries to clothes, jeweleries, electronics, printing presses and sweets. "Mayaram Halwai (Sweet makers)" and Pachauri chaat Bhandar (Indian spicy snacks)" are the most visited sweet corners in Porsa. Khanda Road shares the designation of the most happening places in Porsa with the Bargad Chauraha. Variety of people from different backgrounds are always present there.

Imali Chuak (Tamarind Quadrangle)
This market is located at the heart of Porsa and very near to Nagaji Temple and Jain Temple. Majority of goldsmiths and tailors have their traditional shops all around the Imali Chuak. Garments, Cosmetics, Snacks corners and Pan Corners are the other common type of businesses can be observed at this place
Sabji Mandi (Vegetable & Fruit Market)
Sabji Mandi is the open place market where farmers bring their fresh vegetables from near by villages and out of porsa and fruits and sell them directly to the Customers or make deals with their brokers, commonly known as "Aadatiya". Vegetables and fruits also bring from other places and send to other places as per the stock,. Porsa Sabji Mandi, currently it is behind the Government Hospital and Police Station of Porsa. Recently Municipality constructed shops (Made by bricks) to the buyers, which is the one step forward to organized this market very well.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Khajuraho momentum

The Khajurahoe city was the cultural capital of Chandela Rajputs, a Hindu dynasty that ruled this part of India from the 10-12th centuries. The political capital of the Bundelas and Chandelas was Kalinjar. The Khajuraho temples were built over a span of 220 years, from 951 to 1152. The Chandela capital was moved to Mahoba after this time, but Khajuraho continued to flourish for some time. Khajuraho has no forts because the Chandel Kings never lived in their cultural is beautiful and attractive place for tourism in mMadhya is well connected via Road,Train and airplane the nearest airport is Bhopal fiew kilometers from here.Its 385 kilometers from New Delhi

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bhind The Attractive Fort of Ater

Hello guys I am Ishav Khan with latest post, now this time with Bhind’s Ater Fort.
It was built by Bhadauria King Badan Singh, Maha Singh and Bakhat Singh in the era 1664-1668 after them the area is known as "BADHWAR". It is located deep inside the ravines(behad,jungle) of Chambal River. Now it is in a dilapidated condition.A beautiful fort near Ater village, 22 km from Bhind, in 1664-1668. The fort is situated on the banks of the Chambal River. Hardly 100 meter far from chamal banks, but built at top of mountain and surrounded dense beautiful babool trees and nature’s pure pleasure .its adjoining chambal river divide the boundaries UP and MP opposite bank is known for UP LOC.if you want to see the Ater fort you have to keep few things in mind as.
Brings all edible foods and drinking water, prefer own vehicle(more convenience),always go to visit in days best time to visit is Raining and Winterand there is no restaurant and lodging facility nearest city is Bind (district head office) season. it is well connected to buses only
Distance from here
Bhind 22km,Gwalior 90KM,Morena 70 KM, Etawah 60KM,Agra 95KM

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sun temple or suyra mandir is situated just walin distance from Morar and Gola Ka Mandir .it is stunning shrines and architectural edifices that dot the landscape of the ancient city of Gwalior.

The temple quite naturally is consecrated to the holy Sun God. The temple not only derives its nomenclature from the legendary Sun Temple at Konark in Orissa, the architecture too is inspired by the same . it was thinking to do the same so it is originally derives from Orrissa

The sacrosanct Sun Temple attracts myriads of tourists who flock to the city to catch a glimpse of the same. The temple is located at a distance of approximately 5 km from the local bus stand and the railway station and happens to be one of the much coveted tourist attractions on a tour to Gwalior. ...
by Ishav KHan
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